Antique Edwardian Bookcases came in many different forms from very new designs like the Globe Wernicke stacking bookcase to the smaller revolving bookcase. The Edwardian cabinet maker also liked to add more traditional decoration, like the highly inlaid Sheraton revival designs, adding features like the swan neck pediment along with glazing bars. This period, dating between 1901 to 1910 was the first time new woodworking machines were used by many cabinet makers so it was easier to produce grand designs but in a smaller scale. This lead to smaller bookcases with more useful features, ideal for modern living. The antique Edwardian bookcase was more heavily mass produced but actually are still extremely well built using high quality timbers like Walnut, Satinwood, Oak and Mahogany.  Originally antique Edwardian bookcases would have been highly french polished, still by hand and this means the finish over time ages with a lovely patina. Here at Antiques world, we clean, revive and wax this finish to a beautiful sheen. The Edwardian bookcase can be are very practical piece of antique furniture ideal for books or displaying attractive curios. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.