The Antique Windsor chair is a country piece of antique furniture that usually comes with lovely charm and character. They were first seen in the late 16th century but were more common in the 18th and 19th century made from native woods such as oak, elm, fruitwoods and the rarest in yew wood. There were a large number of tradesmen working in villages and town making everything from coffins, cartwheels and even barrels but they had to diversify to ensure their survival so they started to make country pieces like the Windsor chair. They were often made to measure and this is why you see many similar in design but is different sizes. They have shaped solid seats so are very comfortable to sit at and the out swept arms that were formed from steam bent pieces of wood giving a lovely curved shape. Some of the nicest examples also have steam bent crinoline stretchers. There is something wonderful sitting on a Windsor chair that has been used for over 200 years, as they come with the rich patina, character and colour that only develops with time and use.  Here on Antiques world we do get some lovely examples for sale and you can see our current selection here on our antique chairs page.