Antique Country Furniture is what the antiques trade usually calls pieces of early English antique oak, Pine and Elm, basically locally available timbers in Britain. These antiques were made traditionally, during the 18th to the early 19th century. Antique Country Furniture has more of a well used charm sometimes with a rustic feel but always in the original condition with a lovely patina from years of use. They are historic pieces, built by hand using methods like traditional pegged construction or hand cut dovetail joints. Because of their age, they will have a lovely rural look, full of charming character, not surprising in antique furniture that is over 200 years old! We mainly only wax these wonderful original pieces by hand, as re-polishing them would take away the patina that takes years to accomplish. Web use only the finest quality natural bees wax, to nourish the wood. Antique country furniture are the ideal pieces for the antique enthusiast who can fully appreciate the history, remarkable simple old repairs and usage, so appeal more to the true antique lover. Country furniture is more suited to the Farmhouse or cottage where wood beams are visible along with lovely old oak floor boards. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.