Antique Wind Out Tables are a Victorian design of dining table with a unique feature. As dining was such a big part of the Victorian home, a large dining table was essential to accommodate lots of guests, but this became a problem as it would take up too much room in the home, so Victorian cabinet makers came up with a brilliant idea. They would fit a mechanism under the table to enable it to extend and close to different lengths. This was done with a crank or wining handle, this was turned at one end and it twisted a spiral bar (called a corkscrew mechanism) that pulled the table open, enabling you to add additional leaves into the centre. This mechanism was mainly built by a company called Joseph Fitter from Birmingham who also built castors and other metal works specially for antique furniture. This design of table was so useful as you could have various lengths, you could have up to four additional leaves but they all did not have to be added at once. This meant you could open the table to the most appropriate size, dependent on how many dinner guests were coming. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.