Antique Victorian Chairs were constructed throughout Queen Victoria’s reign of 1837 to 1901. The Victorian Cabinet maker was always on the search for new designs and although this led to new features like the balloon back chair, ironically it also led to the revival of 18th century designs like Chippendale or Gothic revival. Comfort was the main focus in the Victorian era, with upholstery being used in a larger scale along with buttoned backs and loose comfortable cushions. The Victorian cabinet maker was just as good as their predecessors in cabinet making with high quality timbers used but they made their designs more lighter and delicate. Dining was a big part of the Victorian lifestyle so Victorian dining chairs were made from a standard set of six up to longer sets of twelve and Mahogany, Oak and Walnut was widely used in their construction. Victorian chairs are usually very solidly built with turned legs and shapely backs, they are one of the most sort after periods of antique chairs, due to comfort, quality and good designs. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.