Antique balloon backed dining chairs are a popular style as they will fit around most styles of dining table perfectly. Here on antiques would we do get lots of beautiful antique balloon back chairs for sale and you can see many different examples along with our latest stock in our antique chairs category here.

Balloon back chairs were made mainly in the 19th century with lots of Victorian chair makers copying the design but adding their own individual decorations such as floral carvings or different styles of legs. Some would be simple turned legs whilst others would have French influences such as the elaborate cabriole leg. The earlier balloon back chair was built by hand and so are better quality usually with more solid quality timbers used like Mahogany or Rosewood. If you are looking to buy a set of balloon back chairs please visit our online shop or if you are looking for a specific style please also email us as we can try to find the style you are looking for. We also have some good styles available for sale below.