The Antique Regency Chest dates between 1810 to 1830, this is when antique furniture was still built by hand, by master cabinet makers using fine quality timbers, as they were still readily available during this period. The main timbers of choice were Mahogany and Oak along with a few select pieces in Rosewood. Sometimes solid woods were used or very thick figured veneers on a pine carcass of the chest. The construction would have been hand cut Dovetail joints, with cock beaded edges and quality decorative brass fittings. Antique Regency chests usually stood on bracket feet still, like the Earlier Georgian style but the introduction of smaller turned feet also started to appear towards the later end of the Regency period.  Regency antique chests are usually elegant and simple in design,  they come with a real sense of fineness and understated grandeur along with a beautiful charm, character and a lovely patina that cannot be reproduced. These classic chests are not only very usable but desirable to look at. Here at Antiques World we get some beautiful examples for sale, have a look below at a few of the many antiques we have on offer.