Antique Extending Tables were basically a dining table that would extend into different lengths using a draw leaf or wind out mechanism. This would usually start as a smaller sized oval or square, 4 to 6 seater and could extend up-to a large rectangular 12 – 20 seater dependant on the design. This type of table was first introduced in the Georgian period, whereby two console tables would attach onto a central drop leaf table held using brass D clips. The Regency period, introduced the more well known antique extending tables with a central leaf that can be added in the middle but this was done by a draw leaf action, meaning two people was needed to pull it open. This was not easy to open and shut, so the Victorian Cabinet maker improved on this idea by adding a corkscrew mechanism, so it was easily extended using a winding handle. This was called the Wind Out Table, and is the most popular form of table sold today as they are so useful, versatile and easy to use. They were mainly built with four solid turned legs, in woods like Mahogany or Oak, usually with beech or Walnut sliding rails on the underside. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale below.