Antique Credenza

Antique Credenza

The antique credenza is a fine quality, highly decorated and shaped piece of antique furniture in the form of a sideboard or cupboard that was fashionable during the 19th Century Victorian period. Antique Credenzas were only built by the best Victorian master craftsmen as they were detailed with fine veneers and beautifully figured woods for clients who would have been wealthy and wanted a piece of furniture to impress.  Decorations such as marquetry, parquetry, figured burr walnut, inlay, brass decorations, marble tops and mirror backs were used in the construction. The cupboard doors were usually glazed for displaying fine decorative objects while the central door will be delightfully decorated with a brass trim and an oval portrait as its centre piece. The fronts can also display beautifully turned, reeded columns topped with brass Corinthian style capitals.  The best examples will have bow fronted glass sides, as this was an extremely difficult process so was only added to the finest pieces. These opulent 19th Century antique credenzas stand on small turned bun feet and the interiors can often have their original blue velvet lining. The antique Credenza is a quality antique cabinet that you can use for display but also for storage in style! Some of the finest examples have been sold here on antiques world and for our latest inventory please visit our antique sideboards category, or also see a few examples that we have for sale below.

Styles of Antique Credenzas

We have also has some exceptional examples that we have sold and you can see some below. If you are specifically looking to buy a credenza and one below looks of interest, please let us know and I will add you onto our wanted book.

Magnificent Quality Ebonised & Satinwood Inlaid Antique Credenza.

This Magnificent Quality Ebonised & Satinwood Inlaid Antique Credenza has a shaped moulded top that sits above a deep beautifully inlaid frieze with decorative brass trim. It is truly stunning as it displays a central Porcelain painted plaque.

Quality Victorian Antique Credenza by Wilkinson & Son

This Opulent Victorian Antique Credenza  is stamped by the renowned maker Wilkinson & Son, 8 Old Bond Street, London. With an overall ebonised finish this fine quality piece has a beautifully decorated shaped top with burr walnut inlaid banding and boxwood string inlay surround. It also has a moulded edge with decorative brass beading above a frieze with gilt finished lower edge. The central glazed door is flanked by two beautifully turned columns with Corinthian designed capitals while the interior has two removable shelves and is lined with the original dark blue velvet.

Victorian Burr Walnut Antique Credenza of the Finest Quality

This supreme Victorian burr walnut antique credenza, circa 1870, is of the finest quality and oozes opulence, it is a rare find indeed. This ornate piece has a beautifully figured top with brass beading and an ebonised moulded edge that sits above a stunning inlaid central door, again with brass beading, with an urn inlaid central plaque.  Each of the outer sections has two bow fronted fixed shelves again with the original blue velvet lining. This remarkable piece stands on four turned bun feet, has its original back boards and is a rich, golden walnut.

Spectacular Figured Golden Walnut Victorian Marble Topped Antique Credenza

This spectacular figured golden walnut credenza has a beautifully shaped marble top above three cupboard doors with moulded edges and the central one being beautifully carved.  The doors have quality arts and crafts brass handles and is stamped by the original maker / retailer JOS James Penrith.

Quality Figured Victorian Mahogany Antique Credenza

Mahogany was not very often used in the construction of the credenza but this example has a moulded invert break fronted top and bow fronted sides above a deep beautifully figured frieze.  The two central cupboard doors have lovely arched mouldings and beautifully figured panels and original curved glass. 

Serpentine Antique Credenza

Victorian cabinet makers would use unusual shapes like the Serpentine Antique Credenza and finish by using a white marble top for affect. This was on the best examples with quality carvings and decorative detailing.

Victorian Break-Fronted Antique Credenza

Other shapes used were the break-front. These were often ebonised with decorative ormolu mounts and fine inlay details. The central door will have spectacular inlays and the outer doors are glazed with beautiful velvet linings.

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