The Victorian antique sideboard was a development from the Georgian side serving table. Pedestals were added on either side of the serving table in the later Georgian period to add additional storage for wine bottles and plates. There would also be a brass rail fitted along the back with curtains hanging to prevent food from being splashed on the wall when meals were being served. Victorian sideboards were made more practical by adding a solid back usually finely carved as the fabric would often get stained, or a large mirror would be added to also reflect light into the room. Rather than just having a pedestal on each side the space between pedestals was enclosed with an additional cupboard adding more storage space. Linen drawers were added into the interiors along with a cellarette drawer to store and keep wine bottles cool. Earlier 19th Century sideboards were mainly in mahogany but new more interesting woods were introduced like Rosewood and Oak, often with inlay.  Victorian sideboards were always very well built and can be quite large in size, they are also not only practical but very decorative. Our large antique furniture showroom always stocks beautiful antique sideboards for sale so please have a look below at some of the lovely examples we have for sale.