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Howard and Sons Chairs & Furniture

Howard and Sons of London were one of the best upholstery chair makers of the Victorian era. They were as well known as the antique furniture makers Gillows for the quality and styles of furniture. Howard and Sons worked together with Gillows of Lancaster on several occasions and it is said that they manufactured pieces of upholstered furniture for Gillows and other renowned makers like Maple and Co.

Howard and Sons chairs were shown at large exhibitions around the world and supplied several Royal homes.

Howard and Sons were mainly well known for antique upholstered easy armchairs, antique sofas, antique wing chairs and antique chaise lounge. They also made some very fine furniture and you can see some very nice examples on the market today. They only used the finest materials and made their chairs for comfort.

Howard and Sons mainly used traditional upholstering techniques such as tenon jointed frames, stitched front edging and used solid woods for the frames so there chairs were not just comfortable pieces of furniture, but also hard wearing and built to last.

Warning – Fake Howard and Sons chairs

Beware there is a current scam with Howard and Sons chairs to be aware of before purchasing one.  Information came to light no so long ago that an unscrupulous person/s have been chopping in half Howard and Sons chairs to make a pair out of one original or making a sofa out of them as well.  We do not know the extent to which this has been happening, but felt it prudent to warn you all. We therefore urge you to check all frames to make sure that yours is genuine before you purchase or sell it on.

This is why you should always buy from a trustworthy antiques dealer like us at driscolls antiques ltd as we only deal in genuine antiques.

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Unusual Howard And Sons Antique Mahogany Edwardian Console / Side Table

Unusual Howard And Sons Antique Mahogany Edwardian Console / Side Table Unusual Howard And Sons Antique Mahogany Edwardian Console / Side Table

Howard And Sons Superb Quality Victorian Oak Antique Desk

Howard And Sons Superb Quality Victorian Oak Antique Desk Howard And Sons Superb Quality Victorian Oak Antique Desk

18 thoughts on “Howard and Sons Chairs

  1. I have just purchased a chair that is very similar to the one shown above it has the number B7214 stamped on the back leg . I would be most grateful if you could help me verify that it is a genuine Howard chair

  2. We have a howard & sons dressing mirror with brass candle supports , the back is stamped Howard & Sons , Berners st 19657315, stunning turned framed, is it of interest.

  3. I have a sofa which has the number 12722 on one of the rear legs and Gillow on both rear legs could you let me know what it might be valued at. I can send photos

  4. I have a chaise and two chairs of the era that are marked “Haward & Son” “Upholsterers” “Darlington”. I cannot find any information on them. They are clearly marked Haward with an “a”, not Howard with an “o”. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi
      I think Haward & Son must be a different manufacturer but unfortunately I do not have any info on them as iv not come across this name before.

  5. Hello James,
    I have read that a Howard and Sons chair can be dated by the style of castor. Is this true? Mine has all four castors stamped, on square tapered legs, but they don’t look any different to any others I have seen. My chair looks very old. I have not yet come across another one like it. I can send some photos if that would help.

    1. Hi
      I dont think you can date just by the castors but they can help when dating a piece by looking at the style of them.

  6. Hello, I have seen a sofa and a pair of chairs which are stamped H & S – could they be Howard and Sons? If not, do you have any suggestions? Many thanks, Georgina

    1. Hi
      If it was Howard and Sons it would usually be stamped with the entire name so im not sure on the H & S sorry

  7. Hi I’m about to buy a fire side chair it has one caster marked Howard &sons London the other is badly stained no no’s on rear legs it’s a v old chair is this a howard did thay always Stanp the legs

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