Sets of Antique Dining Chairs mainly began life at the mid to end of the 18th Century, when Robert Adam, George Hepplewhite, Thomas Sheraton and Thomas Chippendale started producing their designs and publishing them into books for Cabinet makers, so cabinet makers could copy from these unique catalogues. The first one published was in 1754 and was called ‘The Gentleman and Cabinet Makers Director’ by Chippendale. This displayed good English designs with French Rocco and Gothic influences. This led to Cabinet makers all over Britain Making sets of antique chairs using these same designs but also adding their own influences and this is why there is such a good variety of antique chairs in Britain during these periods. Timbers from Good English Oak to imported Cuban Mahogany was used in their construction usually with upholstered seats. The Edwardian and Victorian dining chairs were still very similar looking with the same influences used, although they also looked at adding more comfort, by adding curved backs and upholstered seats.  Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.