Antique cheval mirrors are a free standing mirror that can be full length in height, ideal to see your entire outfit when getting dressed. Here on antiques world we have some beautiful antique mirrors for sale and if you visit our mirror section on the side of our website for our latest acquisitions.

The free standing mirror was not invented until  the late 1600s in the form of a smaller tilting design. They were first small and made to sit on top of a side table or chest of drawers but by the early 18th century due to better craftsmen and designs, they became sturdier in construction with plinth bases and small drawers.  The cheval mirror was a larger design inspired by these smaller toilet mirrors, first produced in Paris by the 19th century, due to larger plates of glass now being cast, leading to larger mirrors.  ‘Cheval’ means horse in French, and the name given to the mirror refers to its four supporting legs. For further Details on the history and styles of mirrors visit here.

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