Wood Oil

Wood oil available to treat wood surfaces, including furniture, floors, Kitchen work tops, Interior and exterior wood. We offer well-known brands such as Osmo, Fiddes and Liberon to protect, enhance, and preserve the natural beauty of wood. These oils penetrate the wood, providing nourishment and protection against moisture, and enhancing the wood’s appearance.

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner

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Wood oil treatments can be used for interior use like on Floors, Kitchen work tops and Furniture but some are designed for exterior use like on garden fences. Wood oil will not only protect the timber but it can also add a nice sheen and improve the natural grain.

Wood Oil for Floors

Wood oil can be a really good choice for use on floors as it can create a really good barrier against everyday use, moisture and staining. Oil used on floors is also easy to maintain and repair if any damage is caused. Fiddes Hard Wax Oil comes in a clear or several different tinted finished so you can add some colour to your wood flooring. As this is made from natural ingredients, it will dry to a child and pet safe finish. Osmo Polyx Oil also comes in different shades and can create superb robustness with a strong resistance to water and dampness, ideal to protect wood flooring. Both these finishes will not only protect against liquid spillages but the final coat will not crack, peel, blister or flake when fully cured. Both are easy to apply. Apply using a good quality brush like the Osmo flat brush in the direction of the grain of the wood. wipe off any excess with a lint free cloths. Apply your second coat with an Osmo easy pad for a smooth finish.

Exterior Wood Oil

We offer different exterior wood oils for use on Pine and Oak and many more. This can be used on fencing, garden furniture, garden sheds, summer houses, external doors and windows. For a good all round oil for outside, we have Osmo UV-Protection. This is a clear oil but will add some depth of colour when coated onto your timber. As it is made to create a micro-porous surface, it will help to stop the swelling and shrinkage of wood. For exterior Oak, Liberon have a Tung Oil that is perfect for this wood and they also offer Teak oil for other external hardwoods. Liberon recommend Danish oil for exterior softwoods like Pine, Spruce and Redwood but you can also use it for a range of other uses inside the home. Danish oil can work well in areas that get humid or damp like kitchens and bathrooms. It is fast drying and creates a high quality finish.

Work Top Oil

As Kitchen worktops have lots of use from food preparation to spillages from liquids. You have to ensure you have a hard wearing finish but it also have to be food and human safe. Osmo top oil is perfect for this as not only will it protect against usage but it is safe for humans, animals and plants. Other alternatives would be Pure Tung Oil, Teak oil or Danish oil by Liberon as these are child safe and offer similar qualities. Liberon Finishing Oil is more suited to furniture and this is often used in antique furniture restoration.