Antique tripod tables were first seen in the early 18th century and their main use was to hold candles on as they could be easily moved around the room where light was needed. There purposes soon changed as people realised how useful these little tables were and they were seen as occasional or wine tables and very often used as tea tables.

These antique tripod tables stand on three legs and mainly have a hinged top that tilts up into a vertical position, so they can be stored away when not in use. They also come with plain tops and rounded edges, they would sometimes have carved and decorated columns and bases. Also a nice feature on some is called a dish top which means a raised moulded edge around the top that protects items from being accidentally knocked off the table top. Most tripod tables also still have the original tilting mechanisms which have had years of use.

The best antique tripod tables have a top that is made from a single piece of solid mahogany. Country tripod tables were usually made from oak, fruitwood or elm and were made from two or three planks of solid wood rather than one full solid top. Here at Antiques World we often get a beautiful selection for sale and you can see our current selection here on our antique tables page. below are few examples that are currently for sale along with a selection of previous stock that we have sold and if any particular design looks of interest, please let us know as we can inform you of similar pieces that we acquire.