The Antique Jardiniere is basically a very decorative Plant Stand usually from the Victorian era and is very elegant in design. The word Jardiniere is french and means a feminine form of gardener, so they designed these with the Victorian Lady in mind. Because of this the Victorian Cabinet maker, made the Antique Jardiniere quite feminine and elegant looking usually with out-swept legs and inlay or gilt decoration. Although they are quite fine looking, these antique plant stands are surprisingly robust and can usually hold quite a good sized plant or vase of flowers. They also make the ideal lamp tables as they are tall in height, so will display lots of light in your room. The Genuine 19th Century examples are solid and very sturdy pieces that oozes quality unlike other cheap and light weight copies that can be found in the market place. Original plant stands are mainly constructed in Mahogany, Walnut and more rare Satinwood or Rosewood. Some of the later Edwardian examples can be seen in solid Oak, usually in the Arts and Crafts design. They can look wonderful in a hall way or just sat in the corner of a room to display a wonderful display of flowers. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.