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Annie Sloan chalk paint offers a comprehensive range of exquisite colours. This top-quality paint allows you to effortlessly enhance the look of your furniture and home accessories. Whether you’re aiming for a shabby chic or modern vintage aesthetic, Annie Sloan chalk paint offers a vast array of captivating colours, allowing you to easily achieve the desired look. It can be used on various surfaces, including wood, metal, and even fabric. From contemporary chic to rustic charm, let your imagination run wild and create unique pieces that perfectly reflect your personal style. Discover the endless potential of Annie Sloan chalk paint and bring new life to your living spaces.

The full Colour chart is available below 

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Transform your furniture and home decor with the renowned Annie Sloan chalk paint. Known for its exceptional quality and versatility, this paint is specifically designed to provide a textured and durable finish on various surfaces. Whether you’re an experienced DIY’er or a creative enthusiast, Annie Sloan chalk paint offers an extensive range of stunning colours to inspire your creativity. With its easy application and exceptional coverage, achieving that desired vintage or distressed look has never been easier. Explore the endless possibilities and elevate your interior design with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Below is the full range of colours –

Original Chalk Paint

Original Chalk Paint is the old shade of white that you often see on antique furniture. It will create a warmer slightly creamier shade that can look good as a final coat or wear through to produce a distressed antique feel.

Old White Chalk Paint

Old White Chalk Paint is used to create a soft off white colour that can be used on its own or to mix with other chalk paint colours to a lighter shade. Old white chalk paint can be used extremely well as a final coat on darker colours and distressed.  You can also use it to make a limed, white wash effect on bare grainy wood when watered down.
Pure White Chalk Paint
Pure White Chalk Paint is used for a fresh modern feel as this is a very clean white compared to the other shades. This pure white tint is ideal for modern furniture and can also add a bright feel to many antique pieces when used as a top coat and worn through.
Cream Chalk Paint
Cream Chalk Paint is a traditional creamy yellow shade often used on old wood work in 19th Century English homes. As it is an easy to use neutral shade, it can be used on anything from traditional antique to more modern furniture.
Old Ochre Chalk Paint
Old Ochre Chalk Paint is a slightly darkened cream shade and it gets its inspiration from old painted French furniture, woodwork and doors seen in Paris. You can wax in clear to create a clean natural feel or use a dark wax for a rustic textured finish.
Old Ochre Chalk Paint
Chicago Grey Chalk Paint is a modern grey with a slight hint of blue. Annie Sloan created this shade to give the feel of the architecture in Chicago. This grey tone will create a clean and modern feel, making it ideal for furniture in neutral interiors.
Chicago Grey Chalk Paint
Paris Grey Chalk Paint will create a soft and gentle colour. Annie Sloan took inspiration from old Swedish and French furniture found in period homes.  This works extremely well with blue and orange shades.
Paris Grey Chalk Paint
Paloma Taupe Grey Chalk Paint has been developed to create a soft, warm neutral tone. This grey is ideal for use as a contemporary neutral or also on classic period furniture.
Paloma Taupe Grey Chalk Paint
Country Grey Chalk Paint is a cool soft neutral shade that has been made with raw umber pigments. This shade works well to highlight special features in furniture and wood carvings. This is a classic choice for painting vintage and antique furniture.
Country Grey Chalk Paint
French Linen Chalk Paint is a shade was inspired by aged natural linen. It is a khaki grey colour that can work well with bright rich colours. It also looks amazing when you highlight areas using a gilding wax.
French Linen Chalk Paint
Honfleur Brown Chalk Paint is a warm brown shade, inspired by the rich warm browns seen in the French countryside and also on some mid century furniture designs. It can work very well together with bright vivid colours to create a contrast.
Honfleur Brown Chalk Paint
Primer Red Chalk Paint is a mid / dark red shade by Annie Sloan. It has been inspired by colours used in Venetian palaces and Vietnamese temples. These red earth shades are ideal for use on rustic antique furniture especially with carvings that you can highlight using a gilding wax.
Primer Red Chalk Paint

Burgundy Chalk Paint is a dark cherry red shade, inspired by Pompeii. This colour has a strong neoclassical heritage, making it perfect for painting furniture to create bold effects. This is ideal with a Black Wax on top of the final coat to create a textured look.

Burgundy Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

Coco Burnt Umber Chalk Paint is a classic soft brown / grey tone, inspired by the warm pigment, Burnt Umber. This colour has long been seen in use on classic decorative work in homes and of furniture. It can be used as a colour on its own or works extremely well with bright vibrant shades and work through.
Coco Burnt Umber Chalk Paint
Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint is a dusky pink shade. It was inspired by the mix of red Ochre and white found Scandinavian furniture and Mexican interiors. It is a superb shade of pink that can be applied on top of darker shades then worn through to create stunning effects.
Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint
Emperors Silk Chalk Paint is a bright red shade developed by Annie Sloan. The colour Emperors Silk was inspired from Chinese lacquer, often used in period antique furniture. This shade can be used as a bright final coat or add a coat of black Wax for a more textured feel.
Emperors Silk Bright Red Chalk Paint
Antoinette Chalk Paint is a soft Pale Pink shade, inspired by dusky wall colours and decorative furniture in 18th Century interiors. This is ideal to use on children’s furniture or to create your own unique design with a striking colour.
Antoinette Pale Pink Chalk Paint
Capri Pink Chalk Paint is a vivid bright shade, inspired by colours found in Romany gypsy interiors. You can use it as a solid final coat to create an inspiring and captivating colour or it goes extremely well with earthy red shades for a more charming feel.
Capri Pink Chalk Paint
Emile Chalk Paint is a soft calm purple tone with warm pink undertones.  This shade was used first by artists in bohemian Paris on decorative works. You can use this on furniture and around the home to create a calm shade. You can also tone down to a lilac shade when mixed with Old White.
Emile Purple Chalk Paint
Rodmell Chalk Paint is a dark damson purple tone, influenced by the twilight shades of dawn. It can work extremely well with warm shades of chalk paint to create a trendy and enhancing look.
Rodmell Dark Purple Chalk Paint
Old Violet Chalk Paint is a deep shade, inspired by the purple found in 18th Century interiors and blue lavender flowers. This shade can look stunning on its own or be used with red paints to create a bohemian style.
Old Violet Chalk Paint
Louis Blue Chalk Paint is a soft pastel blue shade.  You can pair this with a white chalk paint to create a fine Rococo look, often seen in French and Swedish interiors. You can also use this blue with brighter colours for a vintage retro aesthetic.
Louis Blue Chalk Paint
Greek Blue Chalk Paint is a strong vibrant blue shade, inspired by rustic doors and shutters found in the Mediterranean homes, beautifully worn by age. This colour works well on antique French furniture and you can finish with a dark chalk paint wax to enhance the colour.
Greek Blue Chalk Paint
Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint is a deep blue shade. It was inspired by ultramarine and cobalt blue pigments used in decorative details in neoclassical interiors. It is ideal modern and vintage furniture and you can finish with a chalk paint wax for additional textured feel.
Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint
Oxford Navy Chalk Paint has been inspired by the colour of the ink used in fountain pens. It is a very strong shade of blue with indigo pigments and furniture painted in this colour can look outstanding against a white wall.
Oxford Navy Chalk Paint
Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint has been inspired by the colour used in 18th century French Aubusson rugs. This is perfect for use on antique furniture, as the dark teal shade can be highlighted or darkened by using a wax finish. It is also ideal to wear through to get a characterful finish.
Aubusson Blue Teal Chalk Paint
Giverny Chalk Paint is a bright blue shade with light green tints. This shade has been named after Claude Monet’s home in Northern France. This bright blue colour was very popular in early 20th Century interiors, so ideal for mid-century furniture but it also works well on antique pine furniture, distressed with a wax finish.
Giverny Bright Blue Chalk Paint
Provence Chalk Paint is a turquoise shade, inspired by old worn and aged shutters and doors often seen in the South of France country houses. It is ideal as a final coat over darker shades of paint to create a rustic feel.
Provence Turquoise Chalk Paint
Svenska Blue Chalk Paint is a cool blue-grey shade, often seen in 17th Century Swedish manor houses, so works perfectly on antique furniture. You can use a gilding wax to highlight carvings and detailed areas.
Svenska Blue Chalk Paint
Coolabah Green Chalk Paint is a sage green shade named after the Eucalyptus tree native to Annie Sloan’s childhood home, Australia. This grey-green Chalk Paint has a blue tone just like the evergreen leaves of the Coolabah tree.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Coolabah Green 1 Litre
Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint is a soft green-blue shade, inspired by 18th Century Rococo interiors. It does work well not only on antique furniture but also vintage furniture and can also be used to highlight areas on top of darker paints.
Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint
Florence Chalk Paint is a refined teal green shade, inspired by Italian French interiors that used copper green minerals and malachite to create this very distinctive shade. This shade is a nice finish, used on modern furniture and also on antique furniture when you want to distress and create a country feel.
Florence Teal Green Chalk Paint
Amsterdam Green Chalk Paint is a strong deep green, inspired by painted shutters and doors in old parts of Europe. This green shade can work perfectly with white, cream, yellow or Red, especially when you are creating a distressed feel.
Amsterdam Green Chalk Paint
Antibes Green Chalk Paint is a bright emerald green shade, inspired by rustic antique furniture often seen in France and perfect for neoclassical tastes. On textured wood, you can wear through and enhance colour with a dark Wax.
Antibes Green Chalk Paint
Firle Chalk Paint is a fresh bright green shade and takes its inspiration from spring grass and can create a bohemian vintage feel. This colour is ideal for mid century and modern furniture due to its bright and contemporary look.
Firle Bright Green Chalk Paint
Olive Chalk Paint is a khaki green shade. Historically this green shade was found on classic painted, lacquered furniture, as well as rustic country pine furniture. Olive shade is ideal to create an antique feel when worn through to bare wood, waxed to a smooth finish.
Olive Khaki Green Chalk Paint
Chateau Grey Chalk Paint is a grey-green shade that gets its inspiration from traditional painters mixing their leftovers to create a base paint. It has an earthy feel that can work well on old rustic furniture to more fine antique furniture with decorative carved detailing.
Chateau Grey Chalk Paint
Versailles Chalk Paint is a soft yellow-green shade, inspired by antique French furniture with gilded areas. This shade works well with Victorian furniture if you want to add a nice soft feel, especially on items like pine washstands.
Versailles Chalk Paint
English Yellow Chalk Paint is a bright yellow shade, inspired by hand-painted Chinese wallpaper and the development of Chrome yellow pigment in the 17th Century. This vibrant colour is perfect on stylish mid century modern furniture.
English Yellow Chalk Paint
Tilton Chalk Paint is a deep, warm, mustard yellow shade, inspired by deep-cadmium Yellow pigments and can create a rich yellow shade that can add warmness in your home.
Tilton Mustard Yellow Chalk Paint
Arles Chalk Paint is a rich deep yellow shade, inspired by the town of ‘Arles’ in the south of France where natural earthy yellow ochre comes from the ground.
Arles Earthy Yellow Chalk Paint
Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint is a lively dark orange shade by Annie Sloan. This brilliant modern Orange is inspired by colours used in mid century 1960s decoration. Black Wax can create a burnt orange shade or use on top of reds for a worn rustic feel with liveliness.
Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint
Graphite Chalk Paint is based on a traditional pigment called lamp black. Annie Sloan developed this shade, as it is perfect for antique, vintage, classic or modern furniture due to the soft charcoal shade.  You can finish with a dark or black wax for a black slate feel.
Graphite Chalk Paint
Athenian Black Chalk Paint is one of the new colours created by Annie Sloan. This will create a deep black shade ideal for many modern interiors and furniture. It was inspired by opaque figures painted on old Greek ceramics. This black chalk paint can be used as a final coat, work with stencils to create your own unique patterns, or is ideal to make a worn antique effect.
Athenian Black Chalk Paint

How to use chalk paint

We have the full range of chalk paint and accessories here. Watch this useful video on how to chalk paint antique furniture. You can also see a chalk paint user guide with this Chalk Paint Fact Sheet. This will show how to create different finishes, from a smooth to a more textured rustic finish using different techniques.


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