Antique furniture by James Shoolbred and Co. (Jas Shoolbred)

Antique furniture by James Shoolbred and Co. (Jas Shoolbred)

James Shoolbred & Co or also knows as Jas Shoolbred was established in the 1820’s as a draper’s shop, at Tottenham Court Road, London. The company first began supplying textiles to the furniture trade. By the 1860’s, the company began designing, manufacturing and selling its own high quality furniture in their thriving and fashionable furniture shop. By the 1880’s, Jas Shoolbred had expanded to such an extent that the business had to move to larger premises, becoming one of the first large department stores in London, who would supply quality antique furniture and accessories for the Victorian home. The furniture was displayed in a series of catalogues that the company produced every year with their new and impressive designs. James Shoolbred’s furniture was always displayed and photographed alongside the textiles, carpets and other accessories that the company sold, creating an example interior design for customers to view. Jas Shoolbred was granted a Royal warrant by the mid-1880s and their Victorian furniture was of the best quality available of the late Victorian period. Unfortunately, as with most great Victorian designers and furniture makers, James Shoolbred & Co didn’t survive the financial crisis of the late 1920’s and ceased trading in 1931.  You can see some wonderful examples for sale and if you are interested in buying high quality pieces like this look at our wonderful inventory on our website at antiques world.

Previous examples include

Superb Quality Golden Oak ‘James Shoolbred’ Four Door Antique Bookcase

The original makers ivorine label of “James Shoolbred & Co” is still present on the interior side of a door.

James Shoolbred Antique Furniture

James Shoolbred


Quality Victorian Walnut, Tall Antique Chest of Drawers by JAS Shoolbred & Co in ca. 1890


James Shoolbred


Jas. Shoolbred antique oak bookcase / Victorian bookcase

This beautiful Jas. Shoolbred antique oak bookcase / Victorian bookcase on cupboard ca1890 has the original makers / retail label Jas. Shoolbred & Co, Tottenham court, London.



Antique Inlaid Rosewood Occasional Table – Shoolbred
This beautiful antique Victorian inlaid rosewood occasional table / wine table / centre table ca 1890 has its original makers label James Shoolbred & Co London.


Quality Antique Victorian Walnut Chest Of Drawers – JAS Shoolbred

Quality Antique Victorian Walnut Chest Of Drawers - JAS Shoolbred Quality Antique Victorian Walnut Chest Of Drawers - JAS Shoolbred

JAS Shoolbred Edwardian Mahogany Antique Display Cabinet

JAS Schoolbred Edwardian Mahogany Antique Display Cabinet JAS Schoolbred Edwardian Mahogany Antique Display Cabinet

31 thoughts on “Antique furniture by James Shoolbred and Co. (Jas Shoolbred)

  1. We have a lovely little davenport which we acquired at an auction, it has jas shoolbred on the inside of a draw and vr on one of the hinges, can you tell us anything about this piece of furniture, we are very excited about finding the name and secret draw. regards

    1. Hi
      It is something we would need to look at in the flesh to offer any information, but with the label, I am sure it is a very fine quality piece
      Kind regards

  2. Hello, I have a Jas Schoolbred dressing table I would like to sell. It is in need of a bit of tlc. I really don’t know the best way to go about selling it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Mrs C Moss

  3. Hi, I have a tapestry seat chair with a plaque underneath that says JAS Shoolbred & Co. (I live in Australia.) Someone else viewed the plaque and said that he thought it was a modern reproduction, not an antique, because the plaque looked too nice and new. Do you know how I can discern whether it’s a genuine antique or reproduction? The website link above is to the eBay listing which shows pictures of the chair including the plaque underneath. thanks! – Lisa

    1. I think this looks to be a Genuine JAS Shoolbred chair but probably from the 1920s and a copy of an earlier design.

  4. I recently purchased a very large (91″ x 91″) James Shoolbred wardrobe. One drawer is missing a pull. Does anyone have a suggestion for finding a replacement? Thanks.

    1. Hi
      I usually find a good place to look is ebay as i have had success finding matching old handles on there but other than that you would have to replace them all with reproduction if you wanted them all matching

    2. Hi Melissa.
      I’m an antique restorer and I have a James Schoolbred over mantle with door and drawer handles. If you email a photo of the handles you need to
      I’ll see if they match the ones I have. I’d sell them as the piece is beyond repair and I bought it for the mahogany.

  5. I have five Jas Schoolbred ? dinning chairs in oak which I need to sell (downsizing) . They are in fair condition two need the seats recovered. I think they are early Edwardian. What sort of price do chairs like this sell for these days

    1. Hi
      Being only a set of five they may not fetch a great deal, maybe £100 – £300 as most people want sets of 6 +

  6. In the middle of polishing up a copper saucepan and have uncovered a Jas Shoolbred & co London stamp. It also has a B stamped on its bottom. No actual date, but I’m 80 and my parents had a set of 3 for about 25 years. Coming up a real treat.

  7. I have a gorgeous J. Scoolbred curio (with glass on top) cabinet, I live in the USA, would you know any antique dealers that would be interested

  8. I have a Jas Shoolbred chair with the number A7123 stamped into the left back leg. I was wondering how old approximately this might be. Thank you. C Macey

    1. Hi
      Unfortunately, you can not date Shoolbred furniture by the reg number exactly, but they are usually late 19th century with the reg numbers on.

  9. How much do you think a set of six mahogany Schoolbred chairs could fetch? they are upholstered in green velour – all labelled on the underside with Tottenham Court Road – did the larger premises acquired stay in Tottenham Court Road? The labels say JAS Schoolbred – would this make them more likely to be Edwardian? Many thanks.

    1. Hi
      It would be too difficult to offer a value without seeing them in the flesh, as it depends on the quality and condition. They could be Victorian or Edwardian with this label.

  10. I have a fusee wall clock with the words J Schoolbred & Co on the face but I note that most of the furniture on this website have the name J Shoolbred. Were both spellings of the name used or is my clock a fake produced by someone who could not spell?

    many thanks

    1. Hi
      I think possibly a fake or maybe a different clock maker but not someone who I have seen before

  11. Hi, I’ve got curved stool with wooden lions head as decoration on both sides with reg number B355. Any idea of age or value please? Thank you

  12. I have a massive wooden fireplace surround with James Shoolbred & Co on the back.
    I kept it when I moved out of my house as I liked it. However now it is just too big to come with me.
    Who would you suggest I contact to get an approximate valuation.

  13. Hi James,
    I live in Sydney, Australia and have some Shoolbred furniture I’d like to sell. The range includes a mirrored buffet with three drawers (bow fornt) with two cabinets either side, an 10-12 seat extendable dining table with three inlays and carved ornate legs, eight chairs of the same theme but not matching and two carvers.
    The entire suite has been thoroughly refurbished and repaired by one of Sydney’s leading antique restorers, Ben Stoner. I have photos of the before, during and after refurbishment.
    Said to have been originally imported to Australia by an accademic, the suite was likely purchased from an educational institution.
    Could you give an estimate as to the value of the suite or the pieces? The refurbishment cost three times the original purchase price!
    Many thanks, Kate

  14. Hi I was recently given a writing/drawing table it has jas shoolbred & co on the inside of the drawer it has cast iron wheels on the bottom it is needing a bit of work done to it. I was wondering if you know of a rough value and whether I would be better off restoring it. Thanks

    1. Hi
      If you would like to email me pictures and your postcode and I can see if they are of interest to us to buy

  15. s:
    February 2, 2015 at 8:44 pm
    Hello, I have a Jas Schoolbred table it’s got 5052 on it cand anyone tell me how much it is please

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