The Antique Coal Purdonium was essentially to store coal next to your fire. As coal is not the most pleasant thing to look at in your dining room, the Victorian cabinet maker came up with the ingenious idea of creating unique pieces of small decorative furniture to store the coal in and this was the Antique Coal Purdonium. These beautiful pieces of furniture were inlaid with floral designs, often with marble tops and small mirrors on the back to reflect more light into the room. They would have been made for wealthy individuals in stunning woods such as Mahogany, Walnut or even Rosewood. The best examples were made by cabinet makers such as Gillows of Lancaster and designed to resemble a miniature cupboard or chiffonier. These rare designs were specially commissioned making them quite unique. They will often have brass decoration and a fitted lead lined coal storage area, concealed behind a hinged door. Although they dont have the same usefulness as they once did (unless you still use a coal fire) quite often people use them for magazine, news paper storage or as a side table to hold a lamp. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.