Antique Bijouterie Tables, also known as a Vitrine is a pretty side display table with glazed top and sides designed to store and display a collection of small valuable items such as silver or jewellery. Some Antique Bijouterie Tables have mirrored bases or are velvet lined to show the collectables in their best light. The name ‘bijouterie magasin’ is French for a ‘jewellery shop’ and this is where the name came from as they were originally designed to display fine jewellery in the 19th Century. These elegant antique Jewellery Tables have a hinged lockable lid and come in lovely shapes from oval to serpentine or occasionally are attached to a display cabinet. The timbers in their construction will vary from Mahogany, Walnut or Satinwood and are occasionally pained with decorative brass ormolu mounts. Fine inlay banding can be seen around some of the best Antique Bijouterie tables in Boxwood and Ebony in a highly desirable chequer design. These pretty Victorian antique tables will stand on delicate cabriole or tapering legs, so make an elegant piece of antique furniture to show off your loved treasures and can be a real focal point in your home. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.