Victorian Wardrobes were an essential piece of bedroom furniture, especially towards the end of the 19th century when they were part of a large bedroom suite. They varied in size from the smaller single to the larger three section triple wardrobe. The main timbers used were Mahogany and Oak along with decorative carvings or inlays used with quality brass handles and fittings. These pieces of antique furniture are ideal for a large clothes collection, as quite often they would have a hanging section and several fitted drawers in the interior along with a shoe box. This would provide ample storage space, some originally designed for storing wigs but today is ideal for all those bulky items e.g. towels, bedding or winter knits! These interiors will be concealed behind a beautiful set of figured doors, occasionally with a central mirror door. Some of the more sought after Victorian Wardrobes are in Burr Walnut with a simple elegance, but the figuring of the walnut makes it a statement piece in any bedroom. Despite their size, they actually split into several sections making transportation easier than one might think. Have a look below at a few lovely examples available for sale or visit our online shop for a larger selection of quality antiques.