Antique Georgian Wardrobes are the earliest form of wardrobe built by master craftsmen using traditional hand crafted techniques. They were built between the periods of 1714 to the later Regency period of 1830 and mainly built in locally sourced Oak or imported Mahogany timbers. Georgian Wardrobes were constructed with unusual features such as turned pegs or wig hooks and would usually have a fitted interior with deep drawers for clothes. The interior quite often can have a later hanging rail added and this allows for garments to hang into the space that originally held drawers or pegs, this is ideal for modern day use. Although wardrobes from the Georgian period can be quite plain in design, the quality of figured timbers used on the doors, make them really stunning pieces to look at and they can really finish off a bedroom. Other styles from this period include the Georgian linen press having fitted linen trays behind the enclosed doors. They can offer lots of clothing storage having so many drawers.  The Georgian wardrobe would have been a one off, custom built piece made to order, so they are always different and unique. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.