Rustins offer traditional treatments for wood and Metal. We stock a large range from Danish Oil, Paints, Worktop oil, Yacht varnish, Metal Treatments and many more. We offer the full range with postage and packaging around the UK.


Rustins offer quality Metal and wood finishes ideal for the restoration of antiques. They have been making these quality products since 1924 in a small shop in London. They now offer one of the largest selection of DIY and finishing products in the UK.

Rustins Oils and Varnishes

One of the most sought after and well used product is Rustins Danish oil as it is well known for creating a really good finish. It is often used as worktop oil and if you want to darken the wood before application you can use a wood dye or wood stain.
Rustins varnish comes in several different options from yacht varnish to a quick dry varnish that come in clear shades and some can be used outdoors. Polyurethane varnish is a strong finish that can create a plastic coating that is often used on doors or floors.

Rustins Metal Care

Rustins offer one of the largest ranges of metal care from paints to lacquer. Rustins metal paint comes in many different shades but the most popular is black and we have a large selection in various finishes from matt, satin or gloss. We even supply a heat resistant paint to more unusual finishes like blackboard paint. These can be used on Metal or wood as furniture paint.
Rust converter / Rust remover will remove rust and restore metal ready for re-application of your new finish after applying a metal primer. Brass restorer will clean your metal to a high shine and then you can seal using a metal lacquer to stop any future tarnishing.

Rustins Traditional Finishes

Antique restoration is our main speciality and we use several products to help to touch-up and create fine finishes. Rustins scratch cover is perfect for coving light marks and scratches on furniture. Ring remover is also a good product to remove water marks caused by cups or plant pots. If your polish is beyond saving and you need to re-polish, you can remove the existing finish with a product called Strypit. Grain filler can be used to help create a smooth finish as it fills the pores in the wood. Use a sanding sealer to seal in the colour of your stain and then you can finish by using either a French polish or button polish.