Antique Pier Cabinets

Antique Pier Cabinets

Antique Pier Cabinets were first introduced in the Victorian period and were designed to sit between two large bay windows with a pier mirror above. This was to let as much light into the room as possible as candle light was still the main form of lighting during the Victorian period. The Antique pier cabinet was used to display your finest decorative objects and fine China behind their glazed doors. These antique cabinets were often in figured Burr Walnut, Mahogany, Rosewood or Ebonized with gilt ormolu mounts and velvet linings on the shelves. Antique pier cabinets are very fine looking pieces of antique furniture, decorative and ideal for displaying objects or also can make a lovely smaller bookcase. On rare occasions, you can see matching pairs, these would have been specially commissioned for the owner of a grand Victorian home as they are rare to see. These marvellous 19th Century antiques are more collectable if in their original condition and this is why we try to retain their finish by cleaning and waxing to revive the original patina. They are truly striking pieces of furniture and can make a great addition to your home. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale or to see our full collection click here.

Antique Pier Cabinet for Sale

Styles of Antique Pier Cabinets

Below are a few examples of previously sold Pier Cabinets, but if any particular style looks of interest please let us know as we do get many similar designs in stock and we can try to locate something similar.

The earliest forms were usually in Mahogany from the Regency era and made often in the style and of the quality of a Gillows piece. Details were used like a pierced brass front and finally carved rope twist columns with acanthus leaf decoration.

The Victorian cabinet makers added more figured timbers like Burr walnut, often cross-banded in kingwood and have decorative brass edge with ormolu mounts. They have early velvet lining, ideal for displaying all those collectables. Some would have a central glazed door.

Figured Burr Walnut Antique Victorian Pier Cabinet
Golden Walnut Antique Inlaid Pier Cabinet

Others would be more unusual with two glazed doors and slightly larger is size.

Walnut Pier Cabinet with Brass Mounts
Pier Cabinet with brass ormolu mounts.

More rare examples include this absolutely superb, Spectacular Rare Pair Of Decorative Victorian Boulle Glazed Pier Cabinets

Spectacular Rare Pair Of Decorative Victorian Boulle Glazed Pier Cabinets
Spectacular Rare Pair Of Decorative Victorian Boulle Glazed Pier Cabinets

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