Antique pedestal tables were first seen in the Early 18th Century in the form of a tripod table, used to hold candles. Antique Pedestal Tables for dining were high in fashion at the end of the 18th Century when people moved away from the traditional long solid table to the more finer design standing on a single or twin pedestal base. These antique tables would stand wonderfully on turned pillars with tripod splayed legs and quality brass castors. This form was used on dining tables to much smaller occasional tables from the Late Georgian period to the Regency and Victorian eras. The idea was to make dining more comfortable and intimate, sitting closer together. It was also the fashion for furniture to look lighter and delicate at the time. Because the pedestals were in the centre of the table, they did not get in the way of the chairs, unlike earlier designs with lots of legs. This was so more people could now sit around the tables comfortably. A wide, varied amount of woods were used from Mahogany, Satinwood, Rosewood occasionally with decorative Brass inlay to more simple country house English Oak. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.