What to do with sun bleached areas on antique furniture

If you leave your antique furniture in an area of your home where the sun is always facing the piece or a small area on the piece, the colour of the wood will fade and go lighter. This can take many years to happen but it can affect the value of your furniture quite substantially. There is not much you can do other than re polish the piece completely but there are a few thing you can try first. This is not guaranteed to work but it definitely helps, try rubbing rub some teak oil into the sun bleached area with either a soft cotton cloth or some cotton wool. Leave it to dry for a couple of days and then repeat again maybe three or four times but always leave to dry for a couple of days between coats. When the colour looks better use some Fiddes coloured wax (we stock different shades for different woods) and rub in the area with a cotton cloth and buff to a shine. Repeat this waxing a few times in the same way and leave drying times. Once the area is looking closer to the original colour, wax the entire pice several times all over to blend in the area better. The other option is to try a liquid wax like a scratch cover and polish, also seen on our restoration section on our website as this can penetrate to wood really well and the colour can soak in quicker. Either of these options  will either completely sort the problem or if not it will look far better than it did. I would always recommend testing a very small patch first to ensure there are no bad reactions or discolorations. To protect it from happening again either move the piece away from the sunlight area, put up shades or curtains and always wax the area on a regular basis to protect it further.

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