Exterior Wood Oil

Exterior wood oil used for treating Decking, Fences, Garden furniture, exterior doors and Windows. Our Exterior wood oil range is used to as a protective coating for treating and preserving exterior wood surfaces. These products are specifically formulated to withstand outdoor conditions and protect wood from various elements such as moisture, sunlight and temperature changes.

We have the full range of exterior wood oil by well known brands such as Osmo, Liberon and Fiddes.


Our Exterior Decking oil is often used to treat wooden decks and outdoor patio areas. It helps to enhance the natural beauty of the wood while providing a protective layer that helps prevent cracking, splitting, and fading caused by exposure to sunlight and moisture.
We offer exterior wood oil for Fences. Wood fences are susceptible to weathering, rot and discoloration over time. Applying exterior wood oil can help maintain the appearance and durability of the fence by repelling water, reducing UV damage and preventing wood from drying out.
Garden Furniture including tables, chairs, benches, and wooden planters can benefit from exterior wood oil. The oil penetrates the wood, nourishing and protecting it against moisture, preventing cracking and warping and extending the life of the furniture.
Wooden cladding on exterior sheds, summer houses or car ports are exposed to the elements and can deteriorate over time. Exterior wood oil helps protect the wood from moisture damage, UV radiation and general wear and tear, preserving its appearance and structural integrity.
Exterior Doors and Windows benefit from applying wood oil as this will help to protect them from moisture, temperature changes and sun damage. It helps to seal the wood, preventing water absorption and reducing the risk of warping, swelling, or shrinking.
It’s important to note that different types of exterior wood oils are available, including penetrating oils, clear finishes and tinted stains. Each product provides different levels of protection and aesthetic results. If you are unsure what is the best product for your project, please contact us for advice.