Antique French Furniture is a style from France mainly in Cherry-Wood, Walnut or Oak Timbers from the periods of Louis, Henri II, Breton and Louis Philippe. Very early furniture from Louis XII period were simple in design with Gothic influences and was called Renaissance. Henri II furniture was the start of more decorative features such as columns, leafy or floral carving and unique carved creatures from old tales in their furniture design. 17th Century Louis XIII furniture had influences from Dutch Baroque with barley twists columns, ebony decoration and metal on hinges, handles and other fittings. Many well-known pieces appeared like the Commode, writing tables and chests of drawers. Tables began to be more intricately carved with baluster turnings and claw feet, carved from fruit woods, walnut or ebony. 18th Century antique French furniture introduced interesting features with curved shapes along with gilding, inlays in tortoiseshell and mother of pearl. Ornate marquetry was used, with inlays that portrayed musical instruments, shells and flower scenes. In the late 18th century Louis XVI furniture had influences from old, known as Neo Classical style. Simple but with decoration such as columns, motifs and urns, some painted in vivid colours and with beautiful scenes. Empire furniture, from the early 19th century was often polished to a dark sheen with the use of bronze and Marble. Louise Philippe styles were rounded and earlier designs copied in Mahogany and Rosewood but made more decorative for the modern tastes. Period French furniture then became very heavily carved with a mixture of styles and was quite heavily produced in the late 19th Century. Have a look at a few examples we have for sale below.