Antique Coffee Tables were not really invented until the early 20th century from the art deco periods but you can see many earlier tables adapted to suit this purpose perfectly. Antique Coffee Tables are low occasional tables, usually in woods such as Mahogany, Walnut and Oak. They were made to sit beside your sofa to place your cup or glass on top, they are the perfect addition to any living room. Although we do get genuine 20th century examples, most of the designs that we sell were originally constructed in the 19th Century, later adapted to create a very practical table for the modern home whilst still retaining its sense of history. These unique antique coffee tables are very sturdy and ideal for the modern living space. Here on antiques world we do get some lovely examples and you can see a few that we have for sale below. You can also see our full selection of small occasional tables here. They are very popular pieces of antique furniture and do sell very quickly, so if we do not currently have a particular style that you are looking for, please email us and we can add you onto our wanted list. We will then keep you informed of any new stock that arrives and may be of interest to you.