Antique Chest on Stands came in two forms, as a chest but also as a Cabinet on Stand. During the mid 17th Century a new form of writing furniture was made with its own base support and Instead of a sloping lift up lid, it had a fall front concealing drawers and pigeon holes, which opened to form a writing surface supported on cords at either side. The exterior usually had very good figured veneering with oyster veneers or walnut or with floral marquetry. The legs of the stand were usually baluster, spiral turned or cabriole legs. This design was copied by English Cabinet makers but adding a chest of drawers onto the stand, making a very useful but decorative piece of furniture with lots of storage. This form of chest was extremely popular throughout the 18th Century, they always had quality decorative brass handles and key escutcheons, especially on the highly figured pieces. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.