Marsh, Jones & Cribb Antique furniture

Marsh, Jones & Cribb Antique furniture

Marsh, Jones & Cribb were renowned antique furniture cabinet makers in the Victorian era. They were known for their quality craftsmanship from gothic to simple arts and crafts designs. They began as cabinet makers, ca. 1850 in Leeds as Marsh & Jones of Leeds. They later expanded to Cavendish Square, London when the well known cabinetmaker of Soho, London Henry Humphries Cribb sent his son to serve his apprenticeship with Marsh and Jones. After he had finished his apprenticeship in ca. 1867 he was offered a partnership in the company leading to the new and well known name by today’s antique collectors, Marsh, Jones & Cribb.

They made antique furniture designed by well known designers such as Charles Bevan and Talbert and many of these pieces were in famous exhibitions.

Their earlier designs were mostly known for their gothic appeal with Charles Bevan helping with these designs. The most sought after designs today by Marsh, Jones & Cribb are from the Late Victorian era in the Arts & Crafts design with W.R. Lethaby as their senior designer.

The interesting thing about Marsh, Jones & Cribb furniture is the paper labels used, with their makers stamp, cabinet makers name and signature with date all hand written. It is amazing how many of these labels survive and we get some fantastic examples for sale. If you are interested in these pieces please visit our antique furniture page to see what we have on offer but below are some very nice examples of previous stock.

Magnificent “Marsh, Jones & Cribb” Large Victorian Oak Antique Desk

Marsh, Jones & Cribb Furniture Magnificent "Marsh, Jones & Cribb" Large Victorian Oak Antique Desk


Marsh, Jones and Cribb & Co mahogany writing table


Marsh, Jones and Cribb & Co mahogany writing table

Marsh, Jones and Cribb & Co mahogany writing table



11 thoughts on “Marsh, Jones & Cribb Antique furniture

  1. I have just purchased 3 beautiful wardrobes for myself from a charity shop, one of which has the label Marshall-Jones-criibb on the inside of the door. I would be interested to know the year it was made and it’s potential value if you are able to assist. Regards John Farren

  2. HHCribb, of Marsh Jones and Cribb, was my great grandfather and his wife Emily Marsh, my great grandmother. I am interested in any other historical details about the firm or images of their work you may be kindly willing to provide, including the WWI era when the factory was given over to producing fighter aircraft for the RFC/RAF. Much appreciated, Julian Cribb, Australia

    1. Hi
      How interesting that you are related to them, We will be updating this blog with new images as we get items in stock as I am always on the look our for good quality items like Marsh Jones and Cribb furniture.
      Kind regards

    2. Hi Julian, Henry H Cribb was also my great grandfather. My name is Gabriel Pereyra Cribb, and I live in Argentina, where my grandfather, Henry Malcolm Cribb, arrived being a child, approximately in 1910. His parents were Anne Keck and George Malcolm Cribb.
      My wife and I are passionate about antique furniture, and am personally proud of somehow being connected to the Marsh Jones & Cribb history.

    3. Julian,
      I have sent you my thanks through my nephew Michael Cribb for the 28 page item of the history of the Cribbs. I do hope he did pass them on.
      I have, today, just seen your reply to John Farrem dated 6 th October 2015 with a picture, presumably of you, measuring approx. 10mm x 10mm. I covered up your name and asked my wife who the picture was of; her reply was that it was of me – how uncanny! Same beard, lack of hair on top and shape of face. I would certainly be interested to see a larger picture and if I had your email address I would send you a copy of mine. Regards Peter Cribb (UK)

  3. My grandad served his apprenticeship with Marsh Jones and Cribb before the First World War. He then went on to be a journey man with the company. When the First World War broke out he joined the Leeds pals and the rest as they say is history. Wounded on the first day of the Somme. He had part of his shoulder shot away. A six year apprenticeship went down the pan smashed bodies and smashed dreams.

  4. Howdy Folks. Just pick up a bunch of molding planes and some have the name of the manufacture on them and the name J.P. jones on them. would this be the Jones on the label? Thanks a bunch for any info.

  5. I have got 2 items of furniture which I bought over 25 years ago, I believe that they were from a boys private school . They are matching one is top half book case and bottom two large draws, and the other is wash unit/ stand ( looks a bit church style) . I was wondering if you have any idea of age and value.

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