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Antique Painted Furniture

Antiques world offers good English Antique Painted Furniture for sale in the UK, some in the Original painted condition and other pieces fully restored using Chalk paint with a wax finish. Our skilled team of restorer’s sympathetically create distressed shabby chic painted finish, mainly on pine period country furniture from the Georgian and Victorian periods. We then carefully wax the paint by hand many times to get a nice flat polished smooth feel, so you achieve a clean finish but with the character and charm. These stylish Vintage antique painted furniture pieces are very fashionable today, not only with traditional home interiors but also can act as a one off statement piece in a modern interior. We sell anything from painted chests to dressers from the 18th and 19th Century online and in our large antique furniture warehouse in Lancashire. Have a look at the wonderful small selection that we have for sale below or view our full selection here on our Vintage painted category. We are always adding new stock to our website on a daily basis so if you have a particular piece in mind, let us know and we can update you if something suitable comes in stock.

Antiques in a paint finish are pieces over 100 years of age and can come with a high value if completely original. This is especially true for pieces that were made with fine craftsmanship and have excellent artistry embellished on them.

Original antique painted furniture is the most highly sought-after on the market today with the paint finish that has lasted for over a century.  This is because they have managed to maintain their original coat of paint for such a long period of time so come with a charming ‘worn’ aesthetic that many people love. The original paint is always sought after with years of use, charm and character.

Georgian Antique Side Table in original paint
Antique Chest Of Drawers with the Original Painted Pine Finish

Properly restored antique painted chests can also be quite valuable. These pieces are very high quality and have been repainted using a special type of chalk paint. These repainted chests are then waxed entirely by hand, giving them a very smooth finish. If the restoration is done correctly and in the right places, its beauty can rival even that of one that has maintained its original finish.

The most expensive antique chests, however, are those that were made during some of the most popular periods in British history. These include the early Georgian period and the Victorian period. Some of the more sought-after period pieces, like a Victorian antique dresser base, can cost in excess of £1500.

To find out more about what makes these antique period pieces so valuable, as well as what price range you can expect to pay for them, keep reading.

4 Vintage original Painted Country Antique Children’s Chairs

Painted Georgian Furniture

Some of the earlier Georgian painted pieces are extremely popular and these days they typically carry a price tag of £800 or more. This hand-crafted furniture is very durable and beautifully designed, undoubtedly making them worth the high price tag. The main woods used would be locally sourced Pine or Spruce with the handles, typically in a beautiful swan neck or oval embossed design made of brass, which certainly add to their charm.

Even without taking their age into consideration, furniture made during this time was made to an excellent standard.

Despite their simplicity, furniture from this period has the charm and stylistic characteristics of their 220-year-old history, and that makes them impossible to replicate. It goes without saying that they look spectacular in traditional homes, but they also look at home in modern rooms or as a centrepiece in a plain white room.

Victorian Painted furniture

Victorian antique furniture from the 19th Century is also a strong contender in terms of its value and beauty. Dating from Queen Victoria’s reign between 1837 and 1901, the style is very similar to the Georgian, with a solid and simple design using pine woods.

Instead of brass handles, wooden turned knobs were used as they were more in fashion at the time. The mid-Victorian period was characterised by an increase in the construction of large homes, which meant the cabinet makers at the time started building taller pieces of furniture like the dresser.

Victorian painted antique chests tend to be priced around £600 – £1000, although higher-end ones can end up costing thousands. Large Painted Antique Dresser Bases or sideboards are truly stunning and provide lots of storage with a chunky top, lots of drawers and beautifully carved corbels, standing on turned bun feet.

Stunning Large Painted Victorian Antique Dresser Base

Victorian Painted Bookcases can be a nice addition some we leave the Mahogany top visible as a superb contrast. 

Victorian Painted Antique Large Glazed Bookcase

Other interesting painted Vintage pieces we have had include pieces in a Faux Bamboo effect and often wall hanging from the 19th Century.

Unusual Decorative Victorian Antique Bamboo Cabinet
Unusual Victorian Painted Wall Hanging Antique Display Shelf
Vintage Painted Sign

How to get high-value painted furniture

Whether you’re buying a cheaper painted pieces or shelling out for a grand period piece, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. As much as possible, when it comes to painted antiques, look for an antique seller that tries to preserve them in their original condition, including the paint finish.

In some cases, however, the paint finish of an antique will need a little bit of retouching. Thankfully, skilled restoration experts can apply a new paint finish in a way that will still give it a lot of character and appealing ‘worn’ qualities.

In fact, some craftsmen take such great care when repainting that it can take quite a long time, even longer than the French polishing process! These pieces are still very valuable despite not being in their original condition.

When browsing for retouched pieces, always be aware that some chests are painted to look old but are actually not.

Always look for real signs of wear and tear, like pockets of dirt in the corners or worn-out drawer runners. The untrained eye might have trouble noticing the difference, but rest assured that imitations are far less valuable than actual antiques.

Since antique painted furniture can be a big investment, you have to really think about what you want in a piece before deciding on one. Do you want furniture from a certain time period as a collector’s item? Perhaps you need a large antique chest to fill up some extra space, or an ornate-looking one to serve as decoration?

Whatever the case may be, if you love how the antique looks, it will definitely be worth your money.

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