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I am a collector of antique statuary by the American Victorian sculptor John Rogers (1829 – 1904), known as Rogers Groups. I invite you to visit my web site johnrogers.info.

Rogers was well known for his many sculptures of Civil War and genre scenes. While virtually everything Rogers sold in the US was made of cast plaster, a number of copies of his works have also been found in parian, porcelain and Staffordshire. While the parians are, of course, white, the porcelain and Staffordshire pieces can range in color from cream to even a red, green or bronze colored glaze. Some of the bases have the names of the statues inscribed on the front of the base, while other examples have more decorative bases, as shown in some of the attached photos. While not always signed, some pieces are signed John Rogers, New York. There have been seven different subjects found so far, all shown in the attached photos. Certainly, some of the statutes were made by Robinson & Leadbeater (signed R&L) and Robert Cooke (signed R. Cooke). It is unlikely that these pieces were made with Roger’s authorization, since his business relationships were well documented and there are no references to any such arrangements in his papers. In addition, the details of these parian and porcelain statues are such that they clearly were not casting from Rogers’ original plasters, but rather new renditions of the identical subjects. It is possible that other British manufacturers also made versions of the same figures. The one statue known to be made by Copeland is “The Fisher Girl,” as it is so marked. I found your name on the Internet and am writing to you and a number of other antiques dealers that specialize in parian and Staffordshire, or antiques in general, in the hope of finding examples of John Rogers’ works. Over the years a number of these pieces have been found in both the England where they were made, and the US to which presumably they were exported. So, if you happen to have any of these parian/porcelain/Staffordshire Rogers pieces or know of their whereabouts I would be very grateful to hear from you. Of course, if you have any other sculptures by John Rogers, I would also be delighted to hear from you. Many thanks for taking the time to read this email.

Please keep me in mind in the future…….one never knows what one will find next!

Many thanks,

Bruce Bleier

If you can help please email brucebleier@aol.com

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