How to remove Odour & Mothball Smells from Antique Furniture

Occasionally Old and antique furniture can come with certain smells which some people love and some people hate. As we wax and clean all our antiques, our items usually come with a lovely newly waxed smell that is very appealing. If you find you have an old piece of furniture that does have a slight smell there are a few remedies you can try.

Firstly you can wipe the insides of the furniture with a damp cloth soaked in four teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda to eight pints of water. Then after wipe over again with a clean cloth just dampened in clear water. Leave the furniture to dry fully open in a well ventilated room and once dry either use an air purifying bag inside the piece or use a product such as fabreze. Alternatively once it is fully dry in a well ventilated, warm or sunny room, use a dehumidifier and put inside dishes of substances that absorb smells, such as cat litter, charcoal or bicarbonate of soda inside the furniture.

Always finish using a good bees wax like our fiddes wax, on the outside of the furniture and this will leave a lovely smell in your room and you can also use a clear wax on the insides of furniture but not in areas where clothes or fabric will be stored.

This should resolve any problems and offer a clean smelling piece of furniture.