There has never been such a good time to buy antique furniture than now. Over the last 20 – 30 years antique furniture prices have been falling but we are seeing prices starting to creep back up again and especially for the high quality pieces, these are rising at a much faster rate. Antique furniture has never been so cheap to buy and I believe it will be a very good investment for the future.

Antique furniture is extremely undervalued, you just cannot buy the quality in a modern piece, as the woods used to build them are endangered and so are not allowed to be cut down, so faster less quality woods are now used in modern equivalents. Also with an antique, you can still retain its value whereas with a modern piece of furniture is worth next to nothing after a couple of years and if cheaply made, it will also most probably be falling apart.

Antique furniture is also officially environmentally friendly

Antique furniture is Green and environmentally friendly, A report by Carbon Clear has done research and can now officially confirm that antique furniture is environmentally friendly. Carbon Clear is an independent consultancy specialising in carbon management and carbon accounting. Antique furniture is most likely to have a carbon footprint 16 times lower than modern newly manufactured furniture. They compared the greenhouse gas emissions with the manufacture of a modern chest of drawers and the use of an antique chest of drawers.

They have said in their findings, buying antique furniture rather than newly built furniture reduces landfill as antiques are not thrown away, reduces carbon emissions and reduces the consumption of new goods from outside the UK so less freight and this is also better for the UK economy. The antiques trade is the oldest recycling business in the history of the world and also preserves our heritage for future generations. Also antique furniture is sustainable, re-usable and re-saleable.

No trees are being cut down to make antique furniture unlike the modern equivalent and antique furniture was originally mainly constructed by hand in daylight so no power tools or lighting was used.

The lifespan of the antique furniture can last forever if looked after properly, but the study looked at a piece 195 years old and this concluded the average emissions per year of an antique chest of drawers is sixteen times less than a modern chest of drawers. They state the lifespan of the new chest of drawers is only approximately fifteen years and is not normally resalable. .

Antique Furniture is Unique and Stylish

Traditional antique furniture designs never go out of fashion and offer that unique look to your home, therefore no other person can reproduce you individual look as each piece is usually a one off hand built piece. The simple elegance in furniture design will not only fit into traditional homes but also can look amazing in a contemporary setting.

Spectacular Regency Rosewood Brass Inlaid Antique Secretaire Cabinet