During the Georgian period, Antique Georgian tables started to develop into many different forms, as cabinet making became more skilled and new tools were available. The main influence was because of designers publishing new ideas giving cabinet makers more inspiration to create furniture for a newer clientele. As fine dining was becoming more fashionable, this was the first time larger dining tables started to be made in greater quantities. This would include new developments of extending tables, with D shaped ends used as console tables when not in use and a drop leaf centre. These Georgian tables would join together to make a large dining table to seat as many as 12 people around. But it was not just larger tables cabinet makers focused on, also smaller pieces to fulfil new activities from tripod tables to accommodate the new fashionable tea drinking, special games playing tables for entertaining, to the smaller work table with a bag fitted underneath for needlework and embroidery implements, made especially for the lady of the household. The Georgian period did produce some really lovely quality pieces of antique furniture, in woods such as Oak, Walnut and Mahogany. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.