The antique Georgian cupboard was built throughout the periods of 1714 to 1820. Georgian Cupboards were mainly built in woods such as solid Oak (as this was locally grown in Britain) and imported Mahogany (mainly from Cuba and Honduras) or the most earliest examples were in a thick Walnut Veneer. They were built by hand using peg construction, dovetail joints and iron clout nails, so very primitive construction. These 18th Century cupboards are quite simple in design but do fit very well in country and modern homes alike and because they were constructed from such solid woods, they are seen in good condition today with a beautiful patina. English Georgian cupboards can include anything from a corner cabinet to a dresser base with cupboards doors, having fielded panels and lots of useful storage. French Rocco styling and neo-classicism was added to some of the decoration as famous designers such as Adam, Hepplewhite, Sheraton and Chippendale adding their influence to Georgian cupboards design with their catalogues distributed throughout the world. Being over 200 years old they have the charm and character you would expect to see in a true antique and usually age to a warm shade that we clean and wax using traditional methods. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale or to see our full collection click here.