Antique Furniture – Dates

Antique furniture is named by the British period and is influenced by the British Monarch. Here is a list of dates – Dates – British Monarch – British Period 1558-1603 – Elizabeth I – Elizabethan 1603-1625 – James I – Jacobean 1625-1649 – Charles I – Carolean 1649-1660 – Commonwealth – Cromwellian 1660-1685 – Charles II […]

Early English Antique Furniture Pegged Construction

Early English Antique Furniture Pegged Construction Up to the early 18th century, most early English antique furniture was  ‘joined ‘or ‘pegged’ construction, using mortise and tenon joints held together by wooden dowels or pegs, or occasionally clout nails. Early wooden pegs were of irregular or square ended in a tapering form; they acted like wedges and tightened the […]

Genuine Antique Gillows Mahogany Writing Table.

Gillows of Lancaster & Waring & Gillows Furniture

Gillows of Lancaster & Waring & Gillows Furniture Every antique furniture enthusiast has heard of the name Gillows, due to the very high standard of craftsmanship and unique design of the pieces of furniture they constructed. Robert Gillow was the founder of Gillows and began cabinet making and finishing furniture from 1731 onwards after he […]

Valuing Antiques

Valuing Antiques Many people often have old antiques that have been passed down from previous generations, or unusual finds from car boot sales but they have no idea of their value. Below are a few ideas to help you discover if you are sat on a fortune or just bit of old tat. First, We […]

Antique Collecting and the Modern Man

  Collectables are being pursued by a new generation, by those eager to embellish their homes with trappings of the hero, from the British Empire, Grand Explorer to the War Veteran. Recent archaeological finds of Richard 3rd and the London “Pompeii of the North” in the UK, have ignited our interest in antiquities. Before starting out […]