The Antique Victorian Chests are solid, well constructed pieces of antique furniture, dating from the reign of Queen Victoria between 1837 to 1901. Earlier Victorian chests were similar to the Georgian chest, being extremely well built with solid Mahogany or Oak and quite simple in design. They would have a square carcass but brass handles changed to wooden turned knobs. During the mid Victorian period of around 1860, there was a boom in house construction, leading to far more larger houses to be filled. These houses were built with large rooms and high ceilings, so the Victorian cabinet makers, started to build very tall antique chests to accommodate these new rooms. These new larger chests were built with rounded curved corners, serpentine fronted or bow fronted in shape, standing on turned bun feet and highly French polished. Towards the later part of the Victorian period, some earlier more square designs were introduced again and built by hand with interesting Arts and Crafts features by traditionalist cabinet makers. These chests would be in Oak or Ash and would have solid brass handles, stand on a moulded plinth or occasionally on bracket feet. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.