Antique Georgian Chests of drawers were a solid, well built handcrafted piece of antique furniture from the 18th Century. The Georgian period saw Britain establish itself as an international power and was an expanding its empire across the globe. Britain was becoming more wealthy, so more houses was being built, meaning furniture was in higher demand. Every home needed a chest to store clothes, so Georgian chests were being made to order by skilled cabinet makers. The construction was solid, the very best having oak linings and hand cut dovetails joints. Dense Imported Cuban Mahogany or locally sourced solid Oak woods were the main timber used along with very thick veneers for decoration. Decorative oval embossed brass handles or swan neck handles were fitted and the chest would be finished by standing on robust shaped or Ogee bracket feet. The most sought after design from this period is the iconic Lancashire style with reeded quarter column decoration, a beautiful piece of antiquity. Georgian chests are quite simple in design and will have wonderful charm, character and a smooth patina as you would expect from an antique over 220 years old, impossible to reproduce. They will not only work in a traditional setting but can also look spectacular in a modern interior as a centre show piece against a plain white wall. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.