Antique Georgian Bookcases were a piece of antique furniture only owned by the very wealthy as only the rich would own books during this period. They were grand freestanding pieces built to fit in as part of the architecture of the home, with the upper part glazed to display books and the lower part having drawers or blind cupboard doors to conceal the more scruffy looking paperwork. Quite often they would be large in size and break fronted, built in Mahogany with a scrolled pediment, designed by furniture designers such as Chippendale or Gillows of Lancaster. The Georgian antique bookcase is one of the more collected pieces, as it is so well built, useful and although simple in design they are still very stylish. A popular style was the bureau bookcase from this period as it combined book storage with a writing area and was frequently used in manor houses or offices. Georgian bookcases always has the best quality brass fittings, including swan neck handles along with bracket feet and lovely old, original wavy glass panels. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.