The Antique Edwardian Cupboard is a Cabinet made between the dates of 1901 to 1910 when King Edward VII was on the throne, after the death of Queen Victoria. These pieces of antique furniture were designed for storage and display as quite often they will have a glazed top above an enclosed base. This was because, decorative China was high in fashion, so displaying them in Edwardian cabinets was essential, to show guests before dining.  The decoration used on cabinets of this period is usually inlay, with cross banding and woods such as solid Mahogany and Walnut was used. During the Edwardian period, quality timbers were still in use along with skilled cabinet making, although wood working machines were starting to be used in their construction. Traditional Hepplewhite, Chippendale and Sheraton design influenced the decoration in furniture of this period so you can see many interesting features in Edwardian Cabinets. The fittings will be of high quality with handles, hinges and locks made of brass. Some of the most well known cabinet makers of this period produced interesting Edwardian cupboards, like Waring and Gillows, Gardner and sons and Jewell. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.