Antique Breakfast Tables had either Circular or a rectangular top sitting on a pedestal base. Fashion at the end of the 18th Century moved away from the long table towards the smaller circular table so you could have a more intimate family meal or dinner party in your breakfast room. These would usually seat four to eight dinner guests and was very popular in the Regency and Victorian periods. They were made in finer timbers like Mahogany and Rosewood as they had more decorative figuring in the grain. This type of antique table was easily stored as they could be tilted up using a brass mechanism (called a banjo catch) and fit into a corner of a room when not in use, so was very desirable for smaller home. This same design was also used for the antique Loo table but this was oval in shape and in more figured woods like burr Walnut, made for games playing.  Overall they can be in very good condition as we carefully restore the original patina, so would be a beautiful addition to any home. Antique Breakfast tables are suitable for dining or as a centre table in a grand hallway with a central vase of flowers. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.